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    Nominal Voltage51.2V
    Nominal Capacity100Ah
    Nominal Energy5.12kWh
    Warranty5 Years

    51.2 Volt 5kW 100Ah Wall Mounted Wind Energy Battery Storage is designed for efficient storage and supply of electrical energy. These batteries are often paired with renewable energy sources, like solar panels, to store excess electricity for use during times when generation isn’t possible or demand is higher. They can provide significant benefits such as energy independence, cost savings, and security in power outages.

    Wind Energy Battery Storage

    Wind Energy Battery Storage Key Features

    • Voltage (V): The 51.2V indicates the electric potential the battery offers, suitable for integrating into residential power systems.
    • Power Capacity (kW): With a 5kW power capacity, the battery can support essential household appliances during outages or peak demand times.
    • Energy Storage Capacity (Ah): A 100Ah capacity means the battery has a decent amount of energy storage, able to support daily energy needs efficiently before requiring recharging.
    • Wall-Mounted Design: Optimizes space use by mounting on the wall, making it ideal for homes with limited floor space.

    Wind Energy Battery Storage Applications

    1. Energy Storage for Solar Panels: Perfect for storing surplus solar energy generated during the day for use at night or cloudy days.
    2. Emergency Back-up: Provides peace of mind by ensuring power availability during grid outages, keeping critical appliances running.
    3. Load Shifting/Peak Shaving: Can help homeowners save on their electric bill by using stored energy during peak pricing times instead of drawing from the grid.
    4. Remote Power Supply: Suitable for providing electricity in locations where grid connection is not accessible or cost-prohibitive.


    • Professional Installation: Due to its electrical characteristics and the necessity to integrate with household electrical systems, professional installation is recommended.
    • System Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with existing or planned solar PV or inverter systems to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Maintenance: Although generally low, routine checks can help maintain performance levels and safety standards.
    • Warranty and Lifespan: Understanding the warranty coverage and expected lifespan is crucial for evaluating its value and potential return on investment.
    • Regulatory and Incentives: Potential government or utility incentives and specific installation regulations should be researched to ensure compliance and maximize savings.

    Wind Energy Battery Storage Specifications

    Battery dataNominal Voltage51.2V
    Nominal Capacity100Ah
    Charge Voltage57.6V
    Recommended Charge Current20A
    Max. Cont. Charge Current50A
    BMS16S 100A
    Charge High Temp Protection60°C
    Charge Low Temp Protection-5°C
    Discharge High Temp Protection65°C
    Discharge Low Temp Protection– 20°C
     Inverter DataRate Power5000VA/5000W
    Monitoring OptionWiFi
    Output Voltage220-230-240VAC
    Surge Power10000VA
    Peak Efficiency0.92
    Transfer Time10ms
    Inverter ParallelYes, max 6 units
    Wave FormPure Sine Wave
    Solar Charger
    & AC Charger
    Max.PV Array Open Circuit500VDC
    altx.PV Array Power5200W
    Operating Voltage MPPT Range120~450Vdc
    Max.Solar Charge current80A
    Max.AC Charge Current60A
    Frequency Range50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)
    Dimensions(L*W*H)L=790mm x W=520 x D=222
    Shell materialsheet metal
    Status IndicatorsSOC / ALM / RUN
    Communication in ParallelNone
    Communication PortsWIFI/RS232· RS485·CAN
    Terminal SizeM6