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C&I Energy Storage System

20-feet Air-cooled cabinet C&I energy storage system

The 20-feet Air-cooled cabinet C&I solar power storage systems feature state-of-the-art air-cooled technology. The compact design of the cabinet allows for easy installation and space optimization. With a capacity to store solar power, reducing their reliance on traditional power sources.

C&I energy storage system
372KWh Liquid-cooled Cabinet C&I solar power storage systems

372KWh Liquid-cooled Cabinet 1075.2~1382.4V C&I solar power storage systems for sale

Intelligent liquid-cooled temperature control,
reduce system auxiliary power consumption.
Configure the local control and remote monitoring
System running data analysis, intelligent terminal

Battery rated capacity: 372KWh
Battery voltage range: 1075.2-1382.4V
Battery temperature control mode: Liquid-cooled
Fire fighting system(energy storage cabinet): Aerosols
control module to enhance safety.