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Wall-mounted All-in-one Energy Storage System

Off-grid Wall-mounted All-in-one ESS energy storage system

Off-grid Wall-mounted All-in-one ESS energy storage system

Wall-mounted All-in-one ESS energy storage system Combining the battery and inverter into one, the battery pack and inverter integrated inside, eliminating the need for a separate external inverter.

Integrating energy storage battery and inverter
Our wall-mounted ESS energy storage system seamlessly integrates the energy storage battery and inverter, eliminating the need for separate components and simplifying installation.
Supporting PV input and AC mains electricity input
Empowering Your Energy Independence! With support for both PV input and AC mains electricity input, our cutting-edge system ensures you never run out of power. Enjoy the freedom to generate renewable energy or seamlessly switch to traditional grid power when needed.
Supporting max 5000W output

Experience unparalleled power with our high-performance energy storage system supporting a maximum output of 5000W. From running multiple devices simultaneously to charging your electric car, this product has you covered.
Suitable for residential energy storage and emergency backup power supply

Trust our off-grid wall-mounted ESS energy storage system to meet your residential energy needs while providing a reliable emergency backup power supply. Whether powering your home during blackouts or ensuring peace of mind in uncertain times, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Battery Technical Specification about Off Grid 10KWh All-in-one ESS Battery with Inverter AC Output 5KW Certified by UL & CE

1Battery Pack16S2PCell 105Ah
3Rated Capacity200Ah@25℃ 0.3C
4Minimal Capacity198Ah@25℃ 0.3C
5Rated Voltage51.2V
6Charge Voltage57.6V
7Charge ModeCC/CV
8Discharge Cut Off Voltage46.4V
9Rated Charge Current75A @25℃
10Max Charge Current100A @25℃
11Rated Discharge Current75A
12Max Discharge Current100A
13Internal Resistance≤30mΩ @AC 1kHz
14Working TemperatureCharge:0℃ to 45℃
Discharge:-20℃ to 55℃
Storage:0℃ to 40℃
16ScreenLCD Screen
17Shell MaterialStainless steel
18Dimensions1100*520*195 (L*W*H)
20Protection ClassIP21
21Safety CertificateUN38.3/MSDS/UL

Inverter Specification

No.ItemTechnical ParametersRemarks
1AC Input Voltage220V/230VacEU standard
/ Off grid
2AC Input Voltage RangeAPL DG model:90Vac-280Vac;
UPS City Power:170Vac-280Vac;
3AC Charge CurrentMax 60A
4AC Charge Efficiency>95%
5Conversion time (bypass and inversion)10mS
6Output voltage wavepure sine wave
7AC output rated voltage230Vac
8Rated output power5000W
9Peak power10000VA
10Maximum efficiency92%
11No-load power consumption≤50W
12PV input voltage range60-145Vdc
13Maximum PV input current50A
14Maximum PV input power4400W
15Maximum PV charging current80A
16Rated battery input voltage48V
17Battery voltage range40Vdc-60Vdc
18Wi-Fi ModuleOptional
19Safety CertificateCE/EN61000/UL

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