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    Rack energy storage system

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    Nominal Voltage51.2V
    Nominal Capacity100Ah 
    Charging time:50A 7.36h
    Warranty5 Years

    Stackable battery energy storage systems are innovative solutions designed to increase energy storage capacity in a modular, flexible manner. These systems are pivotal for applications ranging from residential energy storage, to providing backup power, to integrating with renewable energy sources, and even in supporting grid services.

    Key Features

    1. Modularity: The core advantage of stackable systems is their modularity. This allows for the capacity of the system to be customized and scaled to meet specific energy demands by adding more battery modules.
    2. Easy Expansion: As energy needs grow, additional battery modules can be added without replacing the entire system, making it a cost-effective solution for expanding energy storage capacity.
    3. Space Efficiency: Stackable designs are space-saving, making them ideal for environments where floor space is at a premium. They can often be configured in various ways to fit different spaces.
    4. Compatibility: Stackable battery systems are typically designed to be compatible with various types of batteries, such as lithium-ion or lead-acid, but lithium-ion batteries are more common due to their higher energy density and longer lifespan.
    5. Integrated Management Systems: These systems often come with integrated battery management systems (BMS) that monitor and manage the performance of each battery module. This includes balancing the charge across cells, monitoring temperature and voltage, and protecting against overcharging or deep discharging.


    1. Residential Energy Storage: Homeowners with solar panels can use stackable battery energy storage systems to store excess solar energy generated during the day and use it at night or during peak utility rates, optimizing energy savings.
    2. Commercial and Industrial Backup Power: Businesses and industrial operations use stackable energy storage as a backup power solution to maintain operations during power outages.
    3. Grid Services and Renewable Integration: On a larger scale, stackable battery systems can provide services to the electricity grid, such as peak shaving, load leveling, and frequency regulation. They are crucial in integrating intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar into the grid, making energy generation more reliable and efficient.
    4. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Stackable battery energy storage systems provide a solution for managing demand charges and storing excess renewable energy for EV charging stations, enabling faster charging during peak demand times without overloading the local grid infrastructure.


    • Cost: Initial setup costs can be significant, although the modularity and scalability can result in long-term savings, especially as the cost of battery technology continues to decrease.
    • Technology: The choice between different battery technologies (e.g., lithium-ion, lead-acid) depends on the specific needs, including energy density, cycle life, maintenance, and environmental conditions.
    • Installation and Maintenance: Proper installation by professionals is crucial for safety and performance. While maintenance is generally minimal, especially for lithium-ion batteries, periodic checks are necessary to ensure longevity and efficiency.
    Battery Technical Specification
    Cell Chemistry &Format112S1P(51.2V100Ah*7pcs by series)
    Nominal Capacity700Ah
    Battery Energy35.84KWh
    Nominal Voltage51.2V
    Nominal Discharge Current100A
    Discharge Cut-off Voltage43.2V
    Charge Voltage57.6V
    Charge Current100A
    Weight360 kg
    Charge Temperature-20 to 60℃
    Operating Temperature-20 to 60℃
    Storage Temperature0 to 40℃
    Environmental Humidity≤95%RH (No condensation)
    Protection RatingIP 21
    Installation methodIndoor
    Cycle Life6000 Cycles @25℃ 80%DOD
    System CoolingNatural cooling
    Safety CertificatesCell:UN38.3 /EC62619/UL 1642
    Battery pack:UN38.3/CE